Formerly Captain Wyatt or simply The Captain, Governor Wyatt is the official ruler and manager of the Colony.

Personal HistoryEdit

Not a great deal is known of Wyatt's career. It is clear that he earned his position, rather than simply having been awarded it. In the early days of the colony the captain worked hard to create treaties with natives, secure supplies and labor for future growth, and to defend the people of the colony both from monsters and each others.

Philosophy of governmentEdit

Governor or not, Wyatt is a military man. He knows the political dance from his time as an officer but he sees things in terms of advantage/disadvantage, attack/defense, rather than as a slow mixing dance.

In a slightly surprising twist, however, Wyatt has continually demonstrated an ability to see the "long game". He wants to ensure the continued survivability of the colony as a whole unit, not simply as individuals.

Wyatt as an NPCEdit

The New World Primer features many plot hooks with Captain Wyatt as the offerer. For starting players in a fresh colony the captain can be very useful for handing out simple quests. For roleplaying focused groups he is a powerful ally because he possesses inside information on all official happenings within the colony.