Grippoli Barbarian. Art by Ean Moody.

A native race of humanoid-like frogs (or frog-like humanoids, it depends who you ask), the Grippoli are a world shaking force. They are currently ruled by King Sea-Moss.

Recent HistoryEdit

Vashik, Locke, and Kuthin became trapped in a set of caverns as part of a test by the Water Spirit. Within the caverns they found three groups: displaced goblins, fungal creatures, and the Grippli. After negotiations the party helped the Grippli destroy the goblins and won their freedom from the Water Spirit. An earthquake split open the caverns, forming Grippli Island and exposing the frog-men to the wider world for the first time in generational memory.

The Distant FutureEdit

The three possible futures, as revealed by the spirit being Coyote, for the world all end with the Grippli dying out. In two futures they are destoryed by war while in the third they slowly die away as the civilizations of other races spread across the land. Coyote offered The Water Barons a fourth option: the unknown. By using a mythical machine requiring unique components, the future could be changed, forced off of the rails set by the gods, creating a future where the Grippli might continue.

Ancient HistoryEdit

According to Grippli lore their race is not so young as it seems. In ancient times the Grippli where a massive nation of enlightened individuals who moved beyond the material world. However, a few brave souls stayed behind to usher others along the same path. For this reason the Grippli are widely accepting of most other people and willing to share their wisdom and joy to any who will listen.