King sea moss

King Sea-Moss. Art by Ean Moody.

The current king of the Grippoli. Sea Moss is easily the longest running king which the Grippoli have in their memory, apart from their ancient ruler who passed beyond this world.

Personal HistoryEdit

Before the rule of Sea-Moss the average reign of a Grippoli king was measured in days or, among the greater leaders, in weeks. King Sea-Moss, however, gained considerable standing among his people by acting as a commander in the wars against the goblins of the Thieves Guild who occupied the caverns following the crash of their vessel by the Water Spirit.

Following the battle the caverns which kept the Grippoli locked away where broken open. Sea-Moss was pivotal in the creation of Grippoli Island, firmly cementing his place within Grippoli society and history.

Political RevelationsEdit

Offical negotiations with the "new world colony" occurred under Sea-Moss' rule.

Social ReformEdit

The opening of the caverns, organization of the Grippoli, the exploration of the ruins below their caves, and the sovereignty of Grippoli Island and the Grippoli Nation, where all changes implimented under King Sea-Moss' rule.